Conte[s|x]ting Sport: EGLSF conference launches a weekend of activities in Split02 March 2012

The European Gay and Lesbian Sports Federation (EGLSF) launches the Conte[s|x]ting Sport conference in Split, Croatia today (2nd March) as part of its Annual General meeting weekend.

The conference will look at a wide range of issues related to the place of inclusion in sport, including how sport can have an impact on regional development in the Balkans and initiatives to increase diversity in professional and community sport.

The event takes place in association with EGLSF Croatian member organisation qSPORT and the Council of Europe’s Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport (EPAS).

Keynote from Amaechi

Former NBA star Amaechi will offer a keynote on his thoughts on the place of sport within struggles for recognition of diversity. Amaechi is one of only a handful of openly gay athletes.

FARE will be represented by Executive Director Piara Powar and representatives from founder member the Vienna Institute for Development and Cooperation (VIDC).

The conference will see presentations of two examples of good institutional practice from the Rugby Football League (RFL) in the UK and the Norwegian Olympic Committee. Participants will be encouraged to discuss key issues for integrating inclusive practice into their own areas of work, change management within institutions and strategies for consultation with groups deemed ‘hard to reach’.

Sport in Transition

Against the backdrop of South East Europe’s radical transformation in recent years, the event will also focus on sport in the region environment and the role sport can play .

EGLSF was founded in 1989 as a network of LGBT sports groups. Today, the EGLSF links over 100 groups, providing them with 'tools' to announce sport events, exchange information, discuss sports and much more. Further details can be found at