Costa Rica launch campaign to stamp out racism31 August 2016

TheAssociationfortheDevelopmentofCostaRicanBlackWomenandtheUnionof FirstDivisionClubs(UNAFUT)launchedonSunday,28August,forthesecondconsecutiveyear,the‘Respect:Notoracisminfootball’campaigntoraiseawarenessofdiscriminationinfootball.

The five games of the Summer Tournament 2016 were dedicated to the campaign, promoting a debate around the topic ahead of Costa Rica’s Black Awareness Day. ‘Respect Diversity’ messages were displayed on the player’s warm-up t-shirts and across the stadiums and forums and presentations featuring Costa Rica sports personalities furthered the discussion.

The deputy for the ruling Citizen Action Party (PAC) and leader of the campaign, Epsy Campbell, told the media that the aim of the initiative is to raise awareness and promote education against racism and discrimination in football stadiums.

“A year ago, we achieved very successful and motivating results. For that reason we decided to continue the campaign to help build a better society; and ensuring a positive atmosphere in stadiums” said Campbell.

In addition, an agreement was signed by the organisers and the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica and the Ministry of Sport to further the commitment of sporting and civil society associations to address the problem.

The agreement is constituted of a series of action points including the organisation of awareness raising activities in stadiums and schools across the country, law revision to further the preventive work of the campaign and the establishment of the campaign as an annual initiative.