Council of Europe host conference on sport to enhance migrant inclusion02 June 2016

Ministryofficials,policymakers,nationalandEuropeansportsassociations,representativesofthecivilsocietyandNGOdelegateswillmeetinViennabetween02and03Junetodiscuss howsportcanbeusedasatooltoenhancetheintegrationofmigrants.

The Council of Europe’s Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport (EPAS) and the Ministry of Defence and Sports of Austria ‘Newly arrived migrants and their integration via sport‘ conference will share best practice across Europe at international, state and local level and look at how sport clubs and coaches are working to cultivate tolerance and social inclusion.

Recent rises in migratory movements, in particular Europe’s refugee crisis, have presented unique challenges across the region and have put a greater emphasis on the importance of ensuring social cohesion through constructive interaction, in which sport play pivotal role.

The conference will examine whether the policies currently employed by states and international organisations that use sport are facilitating social cohesion and will look at the role of sport clubs and associations in creating safe environments.

The event is divided into four main sessions, a panel discussion and three roundtables, on topics including integration, sport and values; newly arrived migrants and their integration via sport; the role of sport clubs and educators as distributors of social capital in the integration process; and facilitating access to local networks and communities.

It will comprise contributions by experts, presentations of good practices and personal experiences.

Fare’s Executive Director Piara Powar will feature in the opening panel discussion sharing the work of Fare in promoting social integration through football and the work of grassroots clubs in fostering refugee inclusion.

The results of the conference will be published on the EPAS website.

Afghan refugees play volleyball at an open field on the outskirts of Islamabad June 20, 2013. REUTERS/Mian Khursheed (PAKISTAN - Tags: SOCIETY SPORT VOLLEYBALL POLITICS) Picture Supplied by Action Images

Picture Supplied by Action Images