Crowdfunding appeal to raise money for pioneering Romani film festival13 July 2017


Over the next 24 days the Catalan Roma umbrella organisation is looking to raise €3,000 to cover screening licences, screening material and costs related to the logistics of the festival.

The pioneering event, named Amaro Dikhipen (Our Look in English), is set to take place between 06-08 October in Barcelona and is being organised as part of the organisation’s 25th Roma Culture Days.

“We believe cinema is the perfect way to introduce the Roma culture to the public. We want the public to look at the world through the eyes of the Roma.

“Cinema sparks unique emotions, viewers will feel closer to the characters of the stories and their realities.” writes FAGiC on the event’s description.

Three films will be screened during the festival, addressing a range of topics such as children, women and relationships, poverty, politics, genocide and history.

Films include Papusza of Krzysztof Krauzem, which is focused on the rise and fall of the most distinguished Polish-Roma poetess Bronislawa Wajs, known as Papusza; Zaneta of Petr Václav, which addresses the struggles of a Roma family trying to breakthrough the cycle of poverty and marginalisation suffered by the Roma community; and, Solo el viento of Bence Fliegauf, a drama based on actual events and which tells the story of the racist attacks on the Roma community in Hungary between 2008 and 2009.

To support the event donate here.