Danish Neo-nazi Hooligans sentenced18 September 2008

The Police and courts in the danish city of Aarhus have struck against the extreme right wing hooligan organisation Ultra White Pride.

Ultra White Pride has been terrorizing Aarhus for 15 years and in the spring they celebrated the birthday of Adolf Hitler at a football game at Aarhus Stadium. But now it seems that the city of Aarhus has put its foot down.

6 members have been convicted for violence and sent to jail in the last couple of days. Another three members of the group are in jail awaiting trial.

The first to go to jail was the leader Simon Hvas Jacobsen, who was sentenced to one year in prison on September 1st.

In a unanimous decision, judges found the 22-year-old guilty of assault against a doorman at a discotheque, a left-wing activist at a Labour’s Day meeting, two football security guards at Risvangen Stadion in Aarhus and for threatening an undercover police officer. The sentence was made unconditional as the presiding judge said the man had worn a mask and the assaults took place in cooperation with others.

The court found the man not guilty of giving a Nazi salute to a police patrol.

Two days later 5 other members of the group were sentenced to two to six months in prison for an assault on July 28th against a member of an anti-racist network in Aarhus. After a football game the White Pride members saw the anti-racist at the railwaystation and assaulted him with both kicks and punches. Unfortunately for the neo-nazis the incident was recorded by a survailance camera!

Of the other three members of the group in jail awaiting trial, one of them is accused of a brutal attack against another man, who nearly died after being he was kicked in the head. The victim is still unable to be questioned by the police.

Two other persons, a man and a woman, are accused of assaulting an African woman on a city bus.

But White Pride has other problems as well as the legal system. The local newspaper Aarhus Stiftstidende has used several frontpages to print names and pictures of the nazihooligans.

And the anti-racist research group Redox has put out a 49 page report that shows how Ultra White Pride has several connections to more mainstream right-wing groups and how the members practice streetfighting.

The remaining members of White Pride have decided to lay low, whilst they wait for the problems to go away. The group has not been seen at football games, neither in Aarhus nightlife in the last month.