Danish Show Racism the Red Card campaign started18 May 2006

The show racism the red card campaign started up in Denmark on 7 May. At all games in the top league a “show racism the red card” banner was presented – first by fans, then by players.

The campaign has three aims: visibility at football games, education at schools and visits at working places, which should increase the number of employees with another ethnic background than Danish.

The campaign is organised by the Danish Players Union and is backed by the National Association of Labour Unions and the government, among corporate sponsors.

Most of the fan groups support the campaign, but the Association of Football Supporters want to go further. The chairman Ronni Abergel called upon the national FA to set up guidelines for the clubs to combat racism. He said:
We have witnessed people throwing bananas on the pitch and we have witnessed black players being harrassed with monkey chants. The FA should set up common rules saying racist supporters shall be suspended from the grounds and the clubs shall be fined if they fail do deal with it.

The chairman of the players association Mads Oeland backed the proposal and said that all measures should be taking into account, when dealing with racism.

The FA refused to comment on the issue.