Debate continues over Nike campaign17 March 2005

The London Evening Standard has published an article discussing campaigners’ responses to the Nike “Stand Up, Speak Up” anti-racism campaign.

Since Nike launched their high profile campaign, FARE and its member organisations have been inundated by the response from football fans, both in support of and against it. Our website alone, has received over 1500 comments from visitors expressing their opinions.

FARE itself is a network of independent anti-racist campaign groups, and as such does not take a stance on the issue. Some groups are in support of the campaign, with its media attention and financial resources that it is bringing to the fight; whereas others are critical of Nike’s motives and the effect that the campaign will have.

What are your views on Nike’s “Stand Up, Speak Up!” campaign? Post your comments on the FARE website opinions page.

Read the article at the London Evening Standard’s website here: