‘Diversity makes us stronger’ the message from U-21 teams at qualifier28 November 2013


Working with the Slovak group, Sport Unites, under the motto ‘Diversity makes us stronger’ (‘Rozmanitost nas posilnuje’) players of the two sides gathered around a banner to send across a message of respect and inclusion in the frame of the Football People weeks.

In collaboration with the Slovak Football Association ten tickets were distributed to the residents of a refugee center of the Rohovce municipality to attend the match. Their presence in the stadium was welcomed through its tannoy system and applauded by the audience.

“We are happy to see that the key message of our campaign was send out. It is important to have the youth spreading a message of tolerance to society”, said the representative of United Colours of football Sergey Danilov.

The initiative was also supported by the Sport Unites campaign, the Institute for Intercultural Dialogue and the Slovak Humanity Council.