Dutch campaigners fear PSV progress unacknowledged23 November 2004

There is concern amongst anti-racist campaigners in Holland that the English media are unfairly building up expectations of racist abuse from PSV Eindhoven supporters at this week’s Champions League game against Arsenal. Illya Jongeneel, of Euro Support commented,
“PSV is now an example for all other Dutch clubs in how to campaign against racism. They have made a football against racism video especially for PSV, which is shown on the 4 big screens in the stadium as the players enter the pitch. They have made an anti-racist music CD and do a lot of activities with the young supporters.

The English press is not aware of this and keeps pointing at the incident of 2002. PSV and their supporters feel unfairly treated by Arsenal and the press. There is a fear that this may result in what everyone is fighting against, that is, the abuse of the Arsenal black players.”