EGLSF kicks-off 25th anniversary celebrations with Pride in Sport conference06 March 2014


At the event, a number of plenary sessions and workshops will approach the topics around education, diversity, cooperation and innovative campaigning against homophobia in sport.

“Holding the conference in Ljubljana/Slovenia this year is the continuation of our steady efforts to include Central and Eastern Europe further into our LGBT sports family”, said Klaus Heusslein, Co-President of EGLSF.

“It is also another great opportunity to take stock of the past accomplishments in the recognition of LGBT rights in and through sport, but also for looking ahead at the remaining challenges.” he added.

The 4th edition of the Building Bridges Conference will be hosted by the Fare member organisation Out in Slovenia and the DIH Association under the theme ‘Pride in Sport’.

“We have come a long way in the recent years in terms of equality and inclusion.” explained Andrej Pišl, President of Out in Slovenia.

“Having events like this one does not benefit just our organisations or our country as a whole, but also the wider region of Central and Eastern Europe.” he added.

The event will feature 30 international speakers and representatives of the European Parliament and the Slovenian government.

On Saturday and Sunday, the LGBT sports federation will hold its General Assembly to discuss and further their work in tackling harassment, discrimination and prejudice and highlighting the visibility of LGBT people in sport.