English FA adopts pioneer transgender and transsexual policy26 November 2014

Anewpolicylookingtoencourageandwidentheparticipation oftransgenderandtranssexualpeopleinfootballhasbeenlaunchedbytheEnglishFAaspartoftheir 2013-17InclusionandAnti-DiscriminationActionPlan.

Any transsexual or transgender person willing to play football in their affirmed gender should can The FA to obtain clearance.

The application process begins with a confidential conversation with the applicant, followed by a discussion on the details of the evidence required.

Funke Awoderu, The FA equality manager, said: “This is a pioneering move for football and one which is designed to help give visibility to the trans community.

“It is something true to The FA’s mantra that football really is for everyone and I’m pleased this provision has been made to trans people wanting to get involved in our national game.’

‘This is what people have been waiting for’
On the initiative, Transsexuals in Sport founder Delia Johnston said: “It is groundbreaking and it sets out a way trans people are able to play and be involved,”

A lot of my trans friends involved in football have said this is what people have been waiting for.”

“Perfection would be that we never have to talk about it again. But as a benchmark I would give this new policy 15 out of 10.”

A guide featuring relevant information about the initiative and a frequently asked questions fact sheet were launched yesterday, 25 November, at a workshop in Wembley on LGBT participation in football for county FAs, clubs and leagues. A second event will be held on 2 December at St. George’s park in Burton-on-Trent.

The initiative comes after The FA launched the Opening Doors & Joining In action plan, in February 2012, to make football a safe environment and free of homophobia.

Jaiyah Saelua © The FA

Jaiyah Saelua © The FA