Erasmus+ PsyTool presented at the international congress of sport psychology in Seville05 July 2017


PsyTool, in which Fare is a partner, will be showcased at the congress with the aim of sharingresults obtained from collecting data on the impact of violence, discrimination, intolerance in sport; creating educational and innovative tools based on sport psychology to promote integrity; and, also training ‘agents of change’ to bring about behavioural change in grassroots sport.

The congress is organised by the International Society of Sport Psychology (ISSP) and will bring together more than 1000 members from 50 different countries and leading international figures from the world of sport psychology to encourage dialogue and exchange of knowledge, share practices, research and innovative ideas that further the development of sport psychology.

Its 14th edition has as central theme “The integration of science and practice through multicultural bridges, gender and social equality”. Keynote speakers, including Jaume Cruz of the Autonomous University (UAB) of Barcelona – also a PsyTool partner, will address topics including the integration, gender and social equality in sport.

PsyTool will be presented at the symposium ‘Forming Agents of Change for enhancing positive practice of youth sport’ on Thursday 13 July.

Other PsyTool partners including the universities of the Balearic Islands, Leon, Lisbon, Halmstad and Sapienza University of Rome, the football clubs Sporting Lisbon and Seville Football Club Foundation, the International Council for Coaching Excellence, International Center for Sport Security and Sport Foundation Portugal will all take part in the symposium.