BRISWA’s conference in Rome to bring project to a close02 August 2018


The event will be attended by representatives of the sport industry and partner organisations, who will learn about the scientific approach used during the project to identify and evaluate new policies to counter discrimination in sport. Academic partners involved at the conference in Rome include The University of Macedonia, System Dynamics Italian Chapter (SYDIC), Bulgarian Sports for All and Coltea Brasov Football Academy Romania.

The guidelines of the BRISWA course syllabus will also be presented at the event.

BRISWA is a partnership of organisations from Italy, Greece, Serbia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria aimed at dealing with racism in football, while sharing a message of equality among youth players. The aim of the project has been to analyse, understand and scientifically define, through the use of modern scientific approaches, new policies and effective tools for a better understanding of racism in football and sports. The formation of new professional figures is also an aim.

During the project’s lifecycle a series of workshops and pre-match activities were held in the partner countries to further a message of inclusion among players and fans, involving grassroots and the professional football. The Fare network acted as part of the expert group developing a system-dynamics causal loop of factors contributing to racist incidents in football, and will have a keynote speaker involved at the conference.

Registration for the event begins at 8.30am at the Link Campus University in Rome. You can see the full programme for the conference here.