Euro 2008: FARE Streetkick in Vienna comes to an end27 June 2008

In Vienna the FARE Streetkick tour offered potential stars of the future, ethnic minority youth and fans a chance to show off their skills from 20 to 26 June.

Among the highlights were the tournaments staged by the Vienna Mini School Kids League on 23 and 24 June and the National African Football Academy (NAFA) exhibition on 22 and 26 June. In between there was ample opportunity for fans and passers-by to try their luck with the ball in a game of three against three.

Vienna Mini School Kids League

On two afternoons the FARE Streetkick game was taken over by mixed teams of local kids. The youngsters qualified for the FARE Streetkick tournament in front of the Museumsquartier by taking part in a creative competition with a fair play theme.

Viennese youngsters have been displaying their footballing ability in the Mini School Kids League since 1994. The boys and girls also demonstrated their artistic talent in the FAIR KIDS IN PROGRESS project. Assisted by the artist Corona Gsteu the budding footballers collected their thoughts on the subject of fair play in stories, pictures and interviews. Their work has been on display at an exhibition staged by the Vienna children's information centre, WienXtra–kinderinfo, since 8 June.

New African Football Academy

The Vienna-based amateur migrants club New African Football Academy dropped by the FARE Streetkick game to highlight its longstanding commitment to intercultural dialogue while at the same time providing players for games against fans and young people.

The NAFA was established in 2005 and has set itself the task of helping young people through football, focusing on the improvement of basic techniques and physical endurance. Irrespective of nationality or ethnic affiliation the NAFA is a source of hope for football-crazy immigrant youth.