EURO 2008: LISA lay down marker for internationalism – FARE Streetkick in Innsbruck16 June 2008

One day after the mass turnout for the Spain versus Sweden match on 14 June, the Innsbruck football family showed another side of the game when the League for Integration, Sport and Anti-racism (LISA) staged the third day of a small, yet impressive integration tournament – the LISA Euro 2008 – at the Hofgarten (Fennerareal), featuring teams made up of local ethnic minority players as well as fans from Poland, Germany, Spain and Sweden.

It formed a pleasant contrast to the ubiquitous monotony of the yellow and red shirts of the Sweden and Spain fans, as supporters with an ethnic minority background remained a rarity in the Innsbruck fan zone.

Football Unites – Streetkick in Innsbruck

The initiative Football Unites, Racism Divides (FURD) set down a marker against supporter sameness as part of the FARE Streetkick Tour. A number of black supporters found their way to Landestheaterplatz, a square in the heart of Innsbruck, to have a kickabout with Swedes, Spaniards and Austrians at the anti-racist Streetkick game, which will be based in Innsbruck until 18 June before it moves over to Vienna.


After Turkey's 3-2 win on Sunday evening all hell broke loose in Vienna. Members of the Turkish community danced on the streets amid a chorus of car horns in a display of unbridled jubilation by fans of the national team. A huge festival of football against Croatia now awaits them in Vienna this Friday, 20 June.

In the Viennese district of Ottakring the celebrations evolved into a spontaneous demonstration in support of a universal right of residence.

While those taking part initially gave the impression of being euphoric football fans, the true reason for the gathering soon became apparent, as several thousand locals came together to protest against the current residency regulations for people in Austria without an EU/EEA passport.