EURO 2008: Streetkick returns to unite fans at Euros10 June 2008

The UEFA EURO 2008 bring together some of the finest footballing talent on earth. But it wont just be the likes of Ronaldo and Torres wowing the crowds. Thanks to Streetkick fans from all over Europe can show off their own ball-skills too.

Streetkick, an inflatable, portable street football game is touring Switzerland and Austria for the duration of the tournament as part of FARE’s ‘Unite Against Racism’ initiative. Run by UK members Football Unites, Racism Divides (FURD), and German partners Dem Ball Egal, Streetkick will provide the campaign with one of its most visible and engaging elements.

Streetkick will encourage fans from all nations to participate in small sided games within its inflatable walls. The game will tour major venues in both nations. The Streetkick team, whose members come form all manner of ethnically diverse backgrounds, will be on hand to distribute information on anti-racism in football. Somalian born, Ahmed Mohammed, is one of them:
“I love football and it's brilliant being able to combine it with an anti-racism message. I can remember watching the European Championships when I was a kid and I can't believe I'm going. It's a dream come true.”
After debuting at the previous championships in Portugal and then at the World Cup in Germany, this summer’s tournament will mark Streetkick’s third appearance at a major international competition. FURD’s Howard Holmes, is delighted with its continous involvement:

“The StreetKick game simply goes from strength to strength. We’ve added a music system this year to help ‘up’ its celebratory atmosphere. It remains a great tool in bringing together people in a celebratory atmosphere through a common love of the game.”
The game will tour major venues in both nations, beginning in early afternoon, connecting fans by allowing them to play football in an environment of harmony, respect and fun. A multilingual exhibition from FARE will travel with the Streetkick team too.

Streetkick beats the rain and kicks off in Geneva

FARE's Streetkick tour of EURO2008 host cities got underway with a well-attended event at the Place du Rhone, next door to the Geneva Fan Embassy.
The game proved popular with Portuguese and Turkish fans in the build-up to their Group A clash at the Stade de Geneva on Saturday 7th June.

The team from FARE partner 'Football Unites, Racism Divides' (FURD), together with LICRA Suisse were relieved to see the rain finally cease in time to prepare the game in time for the big kick-off.

Catch the Streetkick at the following locations:

7 June, Portugal – Turkey, Place du Rhone
11 June, Czech R. – Portugal, Place du Rhone

8 – 12 June, Fancamp
Match days Klagenfurt
8 June, Germany – Poland
12 June, Croatia – Germany

14 – 18 Juni, Landestheater
Match Days Innsbruck
14 June, Sweden – Spain
18 June, Greece – Spain

14 June, Greece – Russia, Fanmeile Seekrichen
15 June, Fanmeile Sekirchen
16 June, Fan camp
17 June, Youthcenter Lehen, Schumacher Str.
18 June, Greece – Spain, Youthcenter Lehen, Schumacher Str.

20 June – 26 June, MuseumsQuartier, Mariahilferstraße
20 June, 1st Quarter Final
22 June, 4th Quarter Final
26 June, Semi Final Vienna

The Unite Against Racism campaign at UEFA EURO 2008TM is carried out by the Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE) network in partnership with UEFA and with support of the international players union FIFPro.

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In German and issues relating to Austria
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Joni Kreutner, GRA-Foundation against racism and anti-Semitism (Zurich), Mobile:+41 76 394 00 88