European football bodies join forces to promote social inclusion05 February 2015


The ‘Social inclusion in European Sport’ programme aims to improve the impact and contributes of professional football in social inclusion projects by promoting new tools and methodologies among the club’s foundations and corporate social responsibility projects.

The initiative will run until June 2017 and was developed by the Spanish Professional League (LFP), the German Bundesliga, the Football Association of Ireland, the Scottish Professional Football League Trust,  Stichting Meer dan Voetbal (Netherlands) and Viesoji istaiga “Gargzdu futbolas” (Lithuania).

The programme will also include a transnational meeting, to be held in the UK, to share good practice and information about the initiatives adopted, and a national seminar organised by each member, in its own country, to promote new cooperations and boost new initiatives. A final gathering will bring together all members to share the results of the programme.

In the field of sport, the Erasmus+ Programme  aims to support actions that result in the development, transfer, and implementation of innovative ideas and practices at European, national, regional, and local level, that contribute to the development of a European dimension to sport through cooperation.

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