Falkirk pupils launch their own wristband23 March 2005

School children at Graeme High School, Falkirk in Scotland, have launched their own wristband to combat racism. The group, from the “Revolutionary” Young Enterprise designed the bracelet as their entry to a European-wide competition.

Similar to Nike’s “Stand Up, Speak up!” campaign wristband, the bracelet is designed to allow the public to show their commitment against racism. Unlike the Nike interlocking black and white bands, the “Racism Ban’d” is a single red wristband.

The band is priced £2 and is available throughout Scotland at participating football club’s merchandise shops. All proceeds raised from the sale of the bands will be donated to Show Racism the Red Card.

Hot property
Since the launch of the Nike wristbands, stocks of the interlocking bands have been flying out of shops as soon as they arrive. The Nike bands are expected to raise millions of euros for anti-racist campaigns across Europe. Let’s hope the “Racism Ban’d” is just as popular for Show Racism the Red Card.