Fan groups in Germany against racism26 October 2006

In addition to the Red Card campaigns run by the German Football Association (DFB) and the German Football League (DFL), numerous fan groups in Germany again took part this year in the FARE Action Week. Fans from every league, ranging from RSV Göttingen in the lowly District League to Bayern Munich in the top-flight Bundesliga, organised their own campaign events and banner displays.

Events have so far taken place in Babelsberg, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Leipzig, Gelsenkirchen, Göttingen and Kaiserslautern. A list of all of the activities and links to the groups running them can be viewed at

Many of the groups were agreed that one-off protests against racism are not enough to combat the problem in football grounds. “Against Racism – And That Means Forever!” was the slogan on a banner produced by fans of FC St. Pauli, while fans of Bayern Munich wrote: “A red card will not solve the problem, something has to happen in society”.

“Anti-fascist efforts in Germany have often come almost exclusively from fan groups”, says Martin Endemann from German FARE partner ‘Bündnis Aktiver Fussball Fans’ (BAFF / Federation of Active Football Fans). “The fact that many football clubs and associations have now associated themselves with the Action Week for the first time is a good sign. The issue must certainly not be allowed to drop off the radar again!