Fans and players fight back as racists commemorate Hitler at games24 April 2008

Last year Slovan Bratislava fans displayed a huge banner with the words 'Alles Gute Adi' and a smiley-head face of Adolf Hitler to honour the birthday of Hitler on 20 April. This year, FARE has received reports about three cases of this kind of Neo-Nazi folklore.

In Austria, during the league game on 20th April, when Rapid Vienna secured the championship, a banner with the slogan “Alles Gute 18” (“All the best 18”) was displayed during half time, but was immediately removed and destroyed by the Ultras Rapid.

An almost identical case took place on 20 April in Denmark when AGF Århus played Lyngby. Members of the Ultra White Pride white supremacist group gathered together at the match to celebrate Hitler's birthday, hanging a large commemorative banner from the rafters at Århus Stadium.

Although not immediately identifiable as anything racist, the 'Congratulations 18' banner used the common code number signifying the position of Hitler's initials in the alphabet. A press release from Ultra White Pride stated that the banner should be regarded as 'a tribute to the single most consistent and patriotic politician the world has ever seen'.

In addition, the group indicated the celebration was a direct challenge to the 'red propaganda AGF incites and participates in at the stadium'.

The group accused AGF of promoting a 'grotesque anti-racism campaign', despite the football club forbidding political engagement in its stadium rules.

In a separate incident in Denmark, between 5 and 10 supporters of the club Silkeborg IF ‘celebrated’ the fascist dictator’s birthday with a homemade swaztika flag in the match against the Nykøbing Falster Alliance in the 2nd division. After the match the group tried to attack two of the players from NFA, Christian Emil Petersen and Clement Kafwafwa.

Now all the players from Silkeborg IF are to use Labour Day (May 1st) to make a stand against racism. At the local union rally all the players will go on stage to show racism the red card and speak out against racism.

Captain and former national player Steven Lüstu says:

“Incidents like the ones in Århus and Nykøbing are a disgrace, which we can not live with. On May 1st the team will take the chair together and show opposition to these racists, which unfortunately exist in our society”