FARE Action Week against Racism and Discrimination in European Football takes place from 15th to 27th October 200912 August 2009

Ignoring racism, is accepting racism – take your stand and join the FARE Action Week!

Discrimination and racism is sadly a regular occurrence in European football and is all too often swept under the carpet. Therefore, for the 10th successive season the Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE) network is coordinating action in and around football stadiums across Europe. Between 15th and 27th October 2009 large sections of the European football family in 40 countries will stand united against racism and discrimination.

Over the last years some good progress has been made in challenging racism and discrimination in the game, but by no means has it been eradicated. In several parts of Europe we still witness the overt abuse of black and other minority players at both the professional and grassroots level of the game. Also migrants and ethnic minorities still feel excluded from the existing football structures within football federations, clubs and some fan clubs across Europe. There are also signs that far-right supporters groups are on the rise in several stadiums across the continent. Homophobia and Sexism remain massive problems in and outside football stadia across Europe.

The idea behind the FARE Action Week is that a wide range of initiatives and activities address local problems within their club or community, while also joining groups across the continent to present a unified stand against racism and discrimination in the game.

Besides activities by professional clubs, national associations, leagues such as the UEFA Champions League, the FARE Action Week will give fans, minority groups and grass-root football teams across the continent the opportunity to come together to celebrate the integrative power of the game.

This season FARE network aims to encourage more groups in southern Europe to participate in the FARE Action Week. Moreover, in the course of the forthcoming Action Week FARE will support initiatives targeting homophobia and tackling sexism.

Small Grants grass-root groups

FARE offers financial assistance for local activities during the week of action, such as the production of campaigning materials and the organisation of anti-racism matches or special fan choreographies. Groups can apply on www.farenet.org for financial assistance. The maximum grant to apply for is 400 €. The deadline to fill the application form will be 7 September 2009.

We look forward to learning about your ideas, initiatives and activities!

Guidelines and Application

Guidelines, application form and contact details:
pdf-brochure “10th FARE Action Week – Call for Action”
Guidelines and Application and online form