FARE Action Week in Varese – city streets awash with colour24 October 2006

On Sunday 22 October UISP Varese combined the activity already scheduled for the FARE Action Week with a further event under the title “Let's reclaim our space”, that was taking place for the second time this year.

So, as well as the traditional march through the city of Varese, a five-a-side tournament was organised that was contested by Ultras and school teams. Afterwards everyone involved had an opportunity to see a film on the most recent Mondiali Antirazzisti, the Anti-racist World Cup that takes place in Montecchio every year. People from Varese who were at the Mondiali showed pictures from Montecchio and talked about their experiences there.

According to the organisers, more young people took part in the event this year thanks to the football tournament. They expressed great interest in the Mondiali Antirazzisti, posed lots of questions on the background behind the Anti-racist World Cup and asked what they could do to contribute.

The success of the event looks set to mark the beginning of an excellent relationship between UISP, the Ultras and local schools.