Fare brings together journalists in Moscow gathering on Russian football22 May 2015


‘Perspectives on racism and discrimination in Russian football’ was held in a hard talk style format, addressing questions which frame key issues for Russian policy makers.

The debate featured an open exchange of opinions between journalists and audience members on the similarities and differences in football cultures between western Europe and Russia, the World Cup in 2018, the nature of racism and discrimination in football in the modern era and how to challenge it.

Panelists included the Russian sports journalist and football commentator Nobel Arustamian; Yuriy Dub editor in chief of Sports.ru; the English writer, academic and broadcaster David Goldblatt; and editor in chief of Futbolgrad.com, Manuel Veth.

An objective of the recent work of the Fare network in Russia, has been increasing debate amongst the media and fans following the launch of the first systematic study on discriminatory incidents in Russian football, launched with the Moscow-based SOVA centre.

The report included over 200 episodes, including cases of attacks on minorities and campaigns in support of imprisoned neo-Nazis.


Representative image ©RIA Novosti Anton Denisov