FARE calls for action against sexism of Keys and Gray: Comments of broadcasters ‘unacceptable’ and ‘medieval’24 January 2011

The FARE network today condemned what it called the “appalling and damaging sexist attitudes” of Richard Keys and Andy Gray of British broadcaster Sky TV. The comments were revealed by the the Daily Mail newspaper yesterday.

The Mail has published audio of the two making disparaging remarks about a woman assistant referee at the Wolves v. Liverpool Premier League game on Saturday (23 January), and West Ham boss Karen Brady.

The comments come after a few days after a European-level seminar on Institutional Discrimination in Amsterdam which vowed to increase the numbers of women involved in the game at the highest levels.

FARE Executive Director Piara Powar commented, “As the highly recognisable faces and voices of the Premier League on Sky Sports, Richard Keys and Andy Gray are mainstays of the sports broadcasting establishment.

“Their comments about the abilities of of assistant referee Sian Massey and West Ham vice- chair Karren Brady reveal the appalling and damaging sexist attitudes that exist across football.

“It is unacceptable that two of British football’s biggest names are heard espousing views, whether intended for broadcast or not, that undermine and disparage the efforts of women in the game.

“In the year of the Women’s World Cup, an era when women and girls football is the biggest growing sport in the UK, and against the backdrop of women forming the majority of the UK population, their comments are medieval in tone, unacceptable and should lead to immediate action from BSkyB.”

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