Fare European Observer Scheme to be launched in Berlin18 September 2013


The 50 have been recruited as experts from 30 countries to work as part of a match-day observer scheme at European and international level matches.

The role of Observers will be to:

• Monitor designated games as part of a scheme to enable Fare to build an accurate picture of the levels of discrimination inside stadiums
• To provide information to the disciplinary processes of European governing body UEFA
• Collect wider data at a national level

The observers all have expert knowledge of football and discrimination related issues, or of issues affecting fan groups with most from activist backgrounds. Some have already received training within European legal systems.

The observer scheme is a way of triggering debates and positive action by supporters and clubs by focusing on specific issues, and helping governing bodies enforce disciplinary action.

Piara Powar of the Fare network said, “The observer scheme is one part of the picture to ensure that racism and the poisonous presence of the far-right can be tackled inside stadiums.

“The wider goal is to educate people and encourage self-regulation. In many countries this will take time, although there are already fans groups working on this area. It will also help European football to understand the nature of the issues it faces and to take disciplinary action where needed”.