Fare gives full backing to Never Again09 September 2013


The nature of the attacks are such that they involve both mainstream media entities and individuals influenced by far-right political views. The issue has arisen as Never Again go about the course of their vital work in Poland.

Never Again have the full support of Fare as a credible and active group.

Howard Holmes, the Chair of the Fare Board said “Never Again have been involved in fighting discrimination and far-right extremism in Eastern Europe for over 15 years. Their work is a testimony to the impact that campaigners can have through hard work and integrity.

“Their role in co- ordinating activities on behalf of Fare and running the RESPECT Diversity Football Unites campaign jointly with UEFA at Euro 2012, and in the years running upto the tournament, brought praise from NGOs, football supporters, administrators and government bodies across the region.

“The Fare network commends the achievements of Never Again and will continue to support their work. They have been instrumental in raising awareness of issues in Eastern Europe and will remain active long after these attacks and those behind them move on to other issues.”