FARE grassroots conference “Football, Diversity and Equality”09 May 2007

The Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE) network announces details of a conference to bring together ethnic minorities involved in football in Paris this month.

The FARE grassroots conference “Football, Diversity and Equality”, to be held in Paris on 19th and 20th May, has attracted 200 representatives from NGOs, ethnic minority organisations, supporters groups, clubs and some governing bodies. More than 20 European countries will be represented at the conference, which is organised by french FARE-partner
Licra and is supported by the French Football Federation and Paris St. Germain.

Key issues will include the involvement of ethnic minorities as fans, black managers and coaches, barriers preventing refugees and those seeking asylum playing grassroots football and the position of Roma communities in the game will be discussed along with work taking place to support the inclusion of minorities in the game.

Experts from countries all over Europe will give input and discuss on several issues:

Workshop A (Anti-Discrimination)
Football, a bridge builder or a route to discrimination?

Can football really be a way of tackling problems of racism?
Institutional discrimination
What future in football for ethnic minorities and migrants?

Workshop B (Fans)
Fans perspectives

Should a stadium look like a city?
What stops minorities going to the stadium?
Homophobia in football

Workshop C (Amateur football)
Ethnic minorities, migrants and amateur football

Examples of good practices
Mainstream or closed leagues?
Ethnic minorities and migrants establishing themselves through football

Workshop D (Immigration & Human Rights)
Football and immigration

Human trafficking
Refugees in football
The role of agents and clubs in recruiting players from outside Europe

The ongoing problem of racial abuse in football stadiums across the continent will also be addressed.

FARE campaigners hope the conference will provide a platform for disempowered communities to raise awareness of the problems they face.

The conference takes place at the French FA headquarter in Paris.