Fare member Les Dégommeuses victim of homophobic attack02 February 2015

TheplayersoftheLGBTteamLesDégommeusesweresubjectedtohomophobicand physicalabuse,lastweek,beforeaneveningtrainingsession,whenthecoachofayouthteam,usingthesamefacilities,refusedtoleavethepitchandutteredhomophobicremarks.

The incident, which took place last Wednesday 28 January, lasted for several minutes and the help of a worker of the training facilities was needed to stop the abuse.

“The coach of the youth team, who had the previous time slot to use the pitch, ignored our request to let us use the facilities. Then, in an aggressive tone, he asked his players not to leave the pitch, yelled homophobic abuse and physically threatened our players.” wrote the French Fare member on their website.

“Shocked by his tone and rude manners, the players [of Les Dégommeuses] asked him to calm down and look at the example he was giving to his players [aged between 11-13 years old]. Then, he violently pushed one of our players and intensified the homophobic slurs, encouraging his players to utter similar insults.” they added.

The incident took place in a council pitch in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, of one the city’s largest districts, and according to the LGBT association this is a recurrent situation.

In a joint statement, issued on Friday, Les Dégommeuses and the French national association against homophobia, SOS homophobie, called on football and local authorities to address the issue.

“Les Dégommeuses call on the local authorities and all sport federations and bodies to urgently strengthen their fight against sexism and LGBT-phobia in sport.

“There is a need to establish training programmes on sexism, homophobia and gender-based stereotypes for educators, sports leaders and city council officials, and to support associations dedicated to the development of women’s sport and advocacy against sexism and LGBT-phobia.

“We do not condemn the youngsters involved in the incident, they are in fact the first victims of the incompetence and irresponsibility of some adults.”