FARE stalwart Bella Bello Bitugu receives special award from FIFA19 December 2006

World soccer's governing body has given its annual Fair Play Award to the 2006 World Cup fans in recognition of what it called a “highly impressive example of unity and understanding between different peoples”.

The Fair Play Award was received by Dr Bella Bello Bitugu, together with Daniele Schumann from KOS at the FIFA World Player Gala 2006, held at Zurich’s world-famous opera house.

Bella, from Innsbruck University, was not only Ghanaian fan ambassador during the World Cup but also part of the FARE team in Germany. Bella has also worked on a number of anti-racist initiatives together with Austrian partner, FairPlay – VIDC.

Commenting on the award, Bella said “Football fans are one of the most important participants in the game. Our work in cooperation with organisations like KOS and FARE at the World Cup 2006, and at many other football games, is to organise fans and to fight racism, discrimination, exclusion and violence in football. Receiving this prize on behalf of all fans is an honour and a recognition of this work, which should be taken up by all invoved in football as a medium to promote peace and development”