Fare statement concerning Ukraine27 September 2013

The Fare Network notes the action taken by FIFA in response to racism at the FIFA World Cup qualifier between Ukraine and San Marino on September 6, at the Lviv Arena.

There has been widespread media speculation at the nature of the reports made by Fare observers at this match. There has also been speculation about the identity and motivations of the observers.

All observers sent by Fare are from an international pool of specialists. They have knowledge of the football environments they are sent into and are neutral and unbiased in their affiliations. Neutrality is a guaranteed and fundamental part of the system.

It has been disappointing to see some of the commentary on Fare staff and volunteers in Ukraine. Any attempts to intimidate, or encourage attacks on, Fare staff are misguided and will trigger an alert to international human rights bodies.

As a follow up to the sanction imposed by FIFA, the Fare Executive Director will write to the Ukrainian Federation to offer our help in dealing with such issues in the future.