Fare supports Goal-Click Refugees series16 June 2020


The series was announced last Friday ahead of World Refugee Day on 20th June and it explores the lives of refugees and asylum-seekers across the globe through the lens of football.

Goal Click gave each participant a disposable analogue camera to capture their experiences, with the aim of highlighting the rising levels of forced displacement, and to show how football can help refugees and asylum seekers rebuild their lives.

Founder of Goal Click Matthew Barrett said: “We could not be prouder to launch Goal Click Refugees with UNHCR. Whilst many stories appear in the media about refugees, it is rare to actually hear their voices or see their perspective.

“This series aims to challenge existing stereotypes and give an intimate look into refugees’ football lives, in a way that no one from outside these communities could do. Now, more than ever, the voices of the marginalised need to be heard.”

Head of external relations at UNHCR, Dominique Hyde, said, “For young men and women uprooted by war or persecution, sport is much more than a leisure activity. It’s an opportunity to be included and protected – a chance to heal, develop and grow.”

This series starts a year-long campaign that will culminate in a physical exhibition during the UEFA European Championships next year. By this point, more than 60 refugee stories in 20 countries are expected to be published.

The photos can be viewed online now as an online exhibition at unhcr.org/goalclick and goal-click.com.