Fare to launch Diversity House LeFoot in Paris for Women’s World Cup29 May 2019


This year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup is set to be the biggest to date, and Fare will be at the heart of the action. Launching on opening day of the WWC on Friday 7 June, the Diversity House LeFoot will include an exhibition about the history of women’s football and a celebration of pioneers, World Cup match-viewings, panel discussions on big issues and meetings between women’s football supporters.

At the heart of the concept is a central space to celebrate diversity and social inclusion through women’s football, using the tournament to create awareness and change.

The venue will be open for 10 days to all visiting fans between the 7th and 17th June. It will be located at 9/11 rue des Déchargeurs, angle 15 rue des Halles 75001, Paris.

The Executive Director of the Fare network, Piara Powar, commented: “The Women’s World Cup will be another milestone in the global development of women’s football, it is also a unique opportunity to celebrate what women bring to sport and focus on some issues around the sport.

“Diversity House LeFoot in Paris will act as a central hub for supporters, players, the Parisian public and local communities to enjoy the festivities and celebrate women’s football.”

Tamara Tien, vice-Chair of the Fare Board said: “We hope the spirit that brings people together at big sporting events will be there in France and that equality, understanding and growth will be the prevalent story of the 2019 Women’s World Cup. Come and pop by!”

The DH LeFoot will feature daily match screenings, an expert panel on the Hijab in French football, an event on Women’s representation in the media, discussions on homophobia and women’s football, and much, much more.

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