FC St. Pauli commemorates victims of Nazi dictatorship12 November 2004

To mark the 66th anniversary of the Jewish pogrom on November 9, Corny Littmann, president of German 3rd division club FC St. Pauli, and Roger Hasenbein, representing the national supporters clubs, unveiled a commemorative plaque in honour of the victims of National Socialism.

“FC St. Pauli and its fans have a long tradition of campaigning against racism and discrimination,” said Hasenbein, referring, for example, to the club's involvement in the compensation fund for the victims of forced labour under the Nazis. Littmann called upon all clubs to carry on the “fight against fascism” as resolutely as FC St. Pauli.

Traute Springer-Yakar, representing the Association of Persons Persecuted under the Nazi Regime (VNN), recalled the “Night of the Broken Glass” in the Hamburg district of St. Pauli and its victims: “We must never forget them,” she said. During the afternoon the VNN held a vigil on Joseph-Carlebach-Platz, the square where the Bornplatz synagogue was set on fire in 1938.

The unveiling of the commemorative plaque took place as part of the FARE Action Week.