FIFA ‘Live Your Goals’ inspires Roma girls in Bucharest09 March 2017

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Organised under the umbrella of the FIFA ‘Live your goals’ campaign, which targets and inspires women and girls to play football and stay in the game, the event will focus on promoting the sport amongst Roma girls, one of the most vulnerable groups to experience exclusion.

Participants will be divided in four groups by age, 6-8, 8-10, 10-12, 12-14 years old, and will participate in different exercises under the guidance of Romanian women’s national team coach, Mirel Albon, and the women’s national team players Ioana Bortan and Stefania Vatafu. Skill workshops and games will help participants work on their football technique, coordination and mobility.

It will be followed by a roundtable will bring together women from different backgrounds to discuss the role of women in society, female empowerment and women’s football and a football tournament will several women’s teams.

The event, is supported by the Municipality of District 5 and the Fare, and will take place on Saturday 11 March at 10am in Ferentari.