Finnish organisation Liikkukaa re-launches anti-discrimination campaign05 June 2013

The Finnish organisation, Liikkukaa, launched their RESPECT campaign for 2013 which aims to eradicate all forms of discrimination and to promote a multicultural environment within the country.

The campaign, ‘Artists4Respect’, features artists and celebrities from across Finland who will visit schools and speak to young people in an attempt to promote social inclusion, equality and, ultimately, respect amongst the youth. These topics will also be approached through panel discussions.

The previous campaign, which was launched in 2005, featured sports personalities, such as the Finnish footballer Mehmet Hetemaj and the Olympic swimmer Janne Sievinnen. The campaign’s decision to widen the initiative to include other artists and celebrities was introduced in order to reach as many young people as possible across Finland.

Some of the well-known artists which are currently supporting the campaign include the top-model and activist for the gay-equality movement, Nanna Grundfeldt, Esko Eerikainen, Hunk Nico Nousiainen, the musicians An Zi, Annabella and Bandit and the ‘Sports for All’ chairman and FARE-board member, Ike Chime.

Liikkukaa believes that projects such as the RESPECT campaign are important for the country due to the concerning rise of right-wing ideology and thinking amongst young people.