First Women’s Football Summit to take place Madrid25 July 2017

ThefirstWomen’sFootballSummit(WFS)issettotakeplaceinMadridon12Septemberto lookbackathowtheindustryaroundthegamehasevolvedandidentifytheopportunitiesandchallengesthatlieahead. 

The event will gather international experts who will share best practice and ideas for the development of women’s football and will also promote international cooperation.

It will be divided in six sessions including: the commercial potential of women’s football; future in the audiovisual field – in what direction are we going?; boosting national competitions; the creation of women’s teams to add value to clubs; governance and commitment of stakeholders. The final session will consist of an interview on the present and future of international competitions with a FIFA representative.

The list of speakers includes La Liga Women’s Football Director Pedro Malaria, FIFA Chief Women’s Football Officer Sarai Bareman, Women in Football Director Ebru Köksal, Manchester City FC Women’s Football Director Gavin Makel, and the Swedish Women’s Football Club Association (Elitfotboll Dam) General Secretary Linda Wijkström.

The Women’s Football Summit will build on the momentum of the UEFA Women’s Euro 2017 currently underway and the rapid growth of the game in Spain to further its development.

It will be supported by Universo Mujer, a programme of the Spanish National Sports Council (CSD), and will be held at Espacio Bertelsmann in the Spanish capital.