FK Vojvodina Novi Sad and FK Austria Vienna together against racism29 July 2009

FK Vojvodina Novi Sad and FK Austria Vienna will play the encounter in the UEFA Europa League on 30 July 2009 under the motto “Football against racism”.
In the stadium banners with ant-racism messages will be presented. Both team support the fight against racism and nationalism in football. The team captains will wear armband with the “Unite Against Racism”-message. The players of both teams will wear anti-racism t-shirts and will show racism the red card at line-up.
FK Vojvodina Novi Sad performs this activity in cooperation with the FARE member “Balkan Alpe Adria Projekt”. FK Austria Wien agreed spontaneously to join the anti-racism activity after having been contacted by the Austrian FARE partner “FairPlay. Different Colours. One Game”.