Floodlight shines on women’s football27 October 2005

German FARE partner, Flutlicht (Floodlight), are holding a pioneering panel discussion focussing on ethnic minority women in football.

The “Wanderers between Worlds” discussion is scheduled for 7pm on 27 October 2005 in the club house of Türkiyemspor Berlin football club, Admiralstr. 37, Berlin-Kreuzberg. A host of prominent footballing figures will discuss the meaning of ethnicity, prejudice and the opportunities in football for women from ethnic and migrant backgrounds.

The panel will feature:

  • Navina Omilade (Professional Player for Turbine Potsdam in the 1. Bundesliga),
  • Marlene Assmann (Amateur Player for BSV Al Dersimspor),
  • Angelika Polke (Coach of the women’steam of SV Yesilyurt Berlin),
  • Murat Dogan (Co-ordinator of women’s football of Türkiyemspor Berlin),
  • Türkan Arslan (Coach of a women’s youth team of Türkiyemspor Berlin)
  • Erika Harzer (Director of the Film ”Adelante Muchachas!” on women’s football in Honduras).

Women’s progress
In the last ten years, women’s football has gained importance with the German public, spearheaded by the success of the Women’s national team. However, if we delve deeper and start to talk about women with ethnic or migrant backgrounds who play football, phrases to do with “veiling and head scarves”, “the kitchen” and “the Koran” are frequently invoked.

In the general ideas of integration, sports – and especially football – can take up an important function – if it is recognized consciously.

In women’s football, there are significant numbers of players from ethnic minority backgrounds for whom football plays an important integrating role. Flutlicht wants to offer them a unique opportunity to tell the story from their point of view. Never before in the history of German football has a panel talk like this been organized.

Discussion and exhibition
The evening of discussion will be presented by Dr. Esther Lehnert who is working on Flutlicht ’s documentation project ”Different Roots – One Game. Migration and Ethnic Minorities in European Football”. It is a part of the FARE Action Week programme and is also funded by the Fonds Soziokultur (www.fonds-soziokultur.de). The included touring exhibition will open in April of 2006 in Hamburg and be shown in Berlin during the World Cup 2006.

Come and make yourself a part of the discussion…

Contact Flutlicht on ++49 – 30 – 29 35 38 35