Football against nationalism, racism and discrimination14 May 2008

Intercultural youth tournament in Vienna, 10-12 May 2008

Overcoming nationalism and prejudice and showing racism the red card were the aims of an intercultural youth tournament that took place in Vienna's Prater Park from 10 to 12 May. The tournament was organised on the occasion of the 6th Vienna Fair Play Cup by FARE partner FairPlay with the support of the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC/OEZA).

Tolerance through dialogue

Sporting competition was therefore not the dominating consideration of the six guest teams (made up of players born in 1995) from Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina and teams from Austria, some of which were drawn from local ethnic communities. Rather, the promotion of intercultural dialogue, tolerance and exchange with their neighbours in the Western Balkans was the main tournament aim. For the players involved it is often the first opportunity to meet youngsters of their own age from other former Yugoslavian countries. For no matter how normal such contact was before, today there are hardly any inter-ethnic cooperation projects, and those that do exist rarely target nationalism and prejudice.

Information for players and spectators

At the Vienna youth tournament there was a broad offering of information aimed at players and spectators. FairPlay's brand new youth magazine was on show, and an information stand provided details of the activities currently being conducted by FairPlay and its partners as well as material on the ADC.

Football Unites the Alps, Adriatic and Balkans

The 6th Vienna Fair Play Cup took place as part of a project launched in 2006 by FairPlay, the Football Against Racism in Europe network (FARE) and the Balkans Alpe Adria Project (BAAP). Last year in August, FairPlay staged a youth tournament in Sarajevo with teams from Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro. This sporting event turned into a transnational celebration against racism, chauvinism and intolerance.

The high point this year is a youth camp at Cetinj in Montenegro. Here, teams from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia will come together with local Montenegrin sides in August to develop options for peaceful co-existence in the Balkans.

Participating teams:
International guests: FK Cetine (Montenegro), City of Mostar Select (Bosnia & Herzegovina), FK Zarkovo (Serbia), FK Belgrade (Serbia), FK Kragujevac (Serbia), FK Pozerevac (Serbia)
From Austria: Croatian Select, Roma Select, Turkish Select, FairPlay team, Maccabi Vienna, 1. SSC Simmering, IC Favoriten