Football at the EuroGames in Utrecht03 August 2005

From the 16th to the 19th of June 2005 the city of Utrecht was the host of the 10th EuroGames. Once a year the FARE partner European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation – EGLSF celebrates this huge European gay sport event: 3.000 athletes were competing in 9 different sports: Badminton, Ballroom Dancing, Field Hockey, Football, Sqash, Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field and Volleyball.

The football tournament took place at the Olympos sports complex. A very fine sports location, where the volleyballers had their competitions as well. About 300 participants (250 women and 50 men) from Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and of course the Netherlands, enjoyed the matches on Friday and Saturday.

The women’s competition was divided into 2 levels: beginners and experienced. The games were played on half sized fields with 7 against 7. The men’s competition had only one group and was played on a full sized field, 11 against 11.

Both tournaments were very well organised and there were some really good games to watch. The athmosphere at the fields was great and the weather was perfect for a football tournament. All teams enjoyed the fooball and EuroGames spirit. The only downer was that there were no real finals. There were only group matches to find the winners in each tournament.

The final results are:
1. Creame Team Cologne
2. Paris Footgay
3. Streetboys-München
3. Pink Devils
Women’s beginners
1. Seitenwechsel Berlin
2. Janus Köln
3. Alpenglühn München
Women’s experienced
1. Hoplessly Devoted – Berlin
2. Kicks’n Tricks
3. Wartburgia

Many thanks to the organisers and volunteers for a fantastic weekend. The EuroGames spirit was not only at the football fields alive even in the medival city centre of Utrecht you could feel the EuroGames spirit and meet others at the EuroGames Village.