Football Beyond Borders host film festival on social movements and football10 July 2014


Through documentary screenings and panel discussions filmmakers and speakers from over 20 countries will share their experiences of how football has empowered them and their communities.

The CLIPPED Football Film Festival will focus on three main themes: Football and Independence – exploring the role of football in countries afflicted by occupation and civil war; Football and Gender – highlighting the obstacles and female representation in football; and Football and Resistance – focusing on the role of organised supporters’ groups in shaping their countries’ political destinies.

On the last day of the event, preceding the World Cup final, a 12-hour marathon football match will be held involving members of the community, grassroots organisations and London local clubs.

The festival, born out the not for profit organisation’s passion for using football as a lens through which to view 21st century challenges, is supported by Fare and Tifo Magazine and will take place between 10-12 July, at the School of Oriental and African Studies, in London.

Ticket reservation and donation is available online. All proceeds go towards paying the legal fees of a film crew involved in a protest against UEFA in the lead up to the Under-21 tournament in Israel in June 2013.

a woman's goal