Football match raises awareness of women’s rights in Afghanistan23 November 2016

A2011study*ledby aninternationalpollofexpertsongenderissuesnamedAfghanistanasthemostdangerous countryforwomenforitshighlevels ofviolence,poorhealthcareandpovertyandongoingconflict.

Against a backdrop where violence against women is still rife, the multinational military formation Train Advise Assist Command West (TAAC W) organised for the third time a women’s football match to raise awareness of women’s rights, including freedom of expression.

Titled “A Match for Women’s Rights”, the initiative brought together representatives of the Italian military contingent, local civil and military authorities, including women belonging to the Afghan Army and police forces, to take part.

The match was preceded by a meeting on gender issues, including women’s political, social and economic achievements as well as discrimination and violence.

Bastan Football Club, a football team made up of young Afghan women playing in local leagues, won the match played in the Herat’s Camp Arena.

On the Italian civil military cooperation donated sport material.



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