FOOTBALL PEOPLE – Action Weeks 201313 August 2013


The aim of the period is to challenge discrimination and celebrate the contribution we all make to football, wherever we live, whatever our connection to the game, whatever our background. Activities that address problems and celebrate diversity will reach out across Europe and even beyond.

Get involved
Alongside activities by professional clubs and leagues, such as at the Champions League and the Europa League, the period gives fans, minority groups and grassroots football clubs the space to celebrate the inclusive power of football.

Everyone involved and interested in football is invited to take a clear stand against discrimination and join the Action Weeks with their own activities. Be creative, develop activities and share them with us.

Small Grants and Events Grants to help activities
For the first time Fare is offering two different types of grants to support activities:
• To help organise local level activities the small grants scheme of up to €400 is available
• There is also now an opportunity to apply for grants of up to €3000 to facilitate larger-scale national events. There are only six grants of this type available.

Small Grants
For grassroots organisations, fan groups and other unfunded groups we can offer financial support of up to €400. These grants are aimed to help smaller organisations that want to participate in the Action Weeks on a local level and address local problems.

Activities that can be supported include the production of campaigning materials (banners, flyers, fanzines, posters, t-shirts, stickers), the production of fan choreographies and flags, the organisation of stadium actions and community days and football related intercultural events such as matches, debates or tournaments.

For more information about the small grants and to find out how to apply please visit the Activities and Grants page.

2013 Event Grants
For large scale activities Fare can offer Events Grants of up to €3000. These aim to support national level interventions in the framework of the Action Weeks that seek to generate a long term impact and address issues related to discrimination and social inclusion.

Activities that can be covered by the Events Grants are:
• National or international level conferences
• Production of national level education materials – such as exhibitions or teaching packs.
• Lobbying events (at parliamentary or regional assembly level)
• Contributions to academic research
• Education through film or theatre
The activities should touch on topics like ethnic minorities, asylum seekers, undocumented migrants, gender issues, homophobia, celebrating LGBT rights.

Conditions for Event Grants
• The event or intervention must have a national/ transnational or international character
• The event must relate to football and address issues around discrimination and exclusion, or social inclusion and diversity
• The event must take place during the Action Weeks, 15 – 29 October
• Applicants must match-fund 20% of the amount applied for
• To facilitate high-quality events and interventions, we encourage applicants to form partnerships

Open call

To find out more about the Event Grants, to learn about the conditions and to apply visit the Activities and Grants page. In your application give us detailed information about your planned Action Weeks event and provide us with an estimated breakdown of the costs and match fund.

Fare will select up to six successful applications ensuring a thematic and geographical spread of allocation of the Events Grants.

Both the Small Grant and the Event Grant schemes are open for applications from the 1st August. The deadline for applications is 9 September 2013.

You don’t have to apply for a grant to take part in the Action Weeks. If you stage your own activities, let us know about them and connect through social media. You can find us on Facebook and Twitter.

On the 3rd September and 3rd October Fare staff will be available to speak to you on a live chat. More information about this will be released soon.

We encourage all activities that meet our objectives during the period of the Action Weeks. If you require further advice please contact the Fare partner co-ordinating the Action Week in your country or email us directly on