Football People Event Grants distributed in 9 countries27 August 2015


The initiatives, funded through the Fare Event Grants scheme, will touch a vast range of topics among Fare’s core concerns and other topical international issues, including Europe’s refugee crisis and the inclusion of asylum-seekers, sexism, gender-based discrimination and women’s sport, the discrimination of Roma and ethnic minorities and LGBT-phobia.

The projects, which will be held during the campaign’s two-week period, 08-22 October, will include conferences, sports festivals, educational interventions, the production of informative reports and a travelling roadshow, throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ireland, Italy, Macedonia, Poland, Russia, Spain and Ukraine.

The Football People Event Grants were first launched in 2013 to support national, international and transnational level interventions that have the capacity to generate a broader impact. In 2015, a pool of €20,000 was made available to fund the scheme.

2014 AW #512 Germany Champions Without Border (7)

2015 successful applicants:
‘Cittadinanza Sportiva’ (Citizenship through sport) conference to address the institutional discrimination and exclusion of asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants.

The conference will encourage the cooperation of partners and will include seminars and workshops that focus on highlighting best practices in tackling discrimination .

The second focus of the conference will be the use of football as a tool for the empowerment and social inclusion of asylum-seekers, refugees and undocumented migrants.

Agencija za komunikacije EBBE COMMS, Bosnia and Herzegovina
One-day conference on women’s rights, empowerment through football and sexism in the sport. The conference will also discuss the growing media coverage and support around women’s sport.

FAGiC, Spain
Conference on Roma discrimination and inclusion in sports. The initiative will bring together representatives of FC Barcelona, RCD Espanyol, Roma sportsmen and women, football authorities and international Roma organisations to highlight the importance of sports for Roma inclusion.

European Football for Development (EDFN), Germany

Conference on discrimination in football for professional clubs exploring the problems around diversity in European club football and addressing topics, including fans and the far-right, the glass in ceiling in football, LGBT participation, and the role of players. It will include a roundtable and panel discussions, workshops and a Q&A.

Fundacja Afryka Connect, Poland
Educational programme using football to address discrimination, promote cultural diversity and the inclusion of minority groups. Between 100-400 students aged between 12-15 and 15-18 years in eight different schools will benefit from the programme, which includes football sessions, tournaments and diversity and multicultural educational initiatives.

The nation-wide campaign will take place in Warsaw, Poznan, Lodz, Bialystok and Lublin.

Institut za razvoj na zaednicata, Macedonia
International conference to launch the ‘100% football’ campaign, which looks to address nationalism, incidents and club divisions related to discrimination.

Match day observer training.

Международная Благотворительная Организация Ромский Женский Фонд “Чирикли” (International Charitable Organization Roma Women fund “Chirikli”), Ukraine
Football tournament consisting of 21 teams of different ethnic minority groups living in Ukraine. Production of a radio programme with the team captains and other guests, building a dialogue around inclusion through football at different levels.

Production of a documentary on Roma and national ethnic minorities and the power of sport to unite and empower people.

‘Football as a tool for inclusion and peace building in multicultural Ukraine’ roundtable.

Movimiento contra la Intolerancia, Spain
Launch of nation-wide report on discriminatory incidents in Spanish football accompanied by a football tournament for immigrants.

Sport Against Racism Ireland (SARI), Ireland
Football People travelling roadshow across the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland in a SARI and Fare branded vehicle. The travelling van will include coaches, goals, balls and the other necessary equipment to deliver at least one football training session in each county to a group of disenfranchised youth and children.

The initiative is specifically targeted to promote immigrants, promoting migrant integration through football.

Additionally, SARI will be linking 34 Direct Provision Centres, where Asylum Seekers are housed across Ireland, with their local football club to take part in a match and/or training session.

Омский филиал Федерации ЛГБТ-Спорта России (Omsk Branch of Russian Federation of LGBT-Sport), Russia
Three-day sports festival, which will bring together amateur teams and sportspeople and LGBTQI activists and organisations, focused on raising awareness of the issues around of transphobia in the region and celebrate diversity.