Football People event wins European award12 January 2017

AneventorganisedbytheRomaniansportsclub Supersportduringthe2016FootballPeopleweekshaswonan awardoftheEuropeanSocietyforEducationforInspiringPractices.

The Baia Mare-based club was one of the 10 organisations to win the award for their nation-wide cross curricular project, which allows schools to upload best practice and innovative educational resources in an online platform aimed at developing learning competences.

In addition to the online tool, the Football People event also included a football tournament for girls and ethnic minorities and a creative workshop and subsequent exhibition of the work produced, all three focused on addressing discrimination and using football as an approach to social inclusion.

“Winning the award was wonderful for us, but this was only possible with the hard work, passion and dedication of our team and partners,” said Rusu Elena, Vice-president of Supersport.

The European Society for Education Lifelong Learning Awards celebrate creative and inclusive initiatives in lifelong learning.

In 2016, the awards priority was “Building inclusive and democratic educational systems”, covering issues including citizenship and global education, intercultural and interreligious dialogue, fighting prejudices and discrimination, educational institutions democratic governance and participation, learning mobility for all and the use of arts and culture to tackle social challenges and enhance personal development.