Football People prepare FARE Action Weeks03 October 2011

As network members prepare to launch one of the most highly visible community and social inclusion campaigns in the world, this years FARE Action Weeks will take place in a 40 countries across Europe.

The activities are many and varied, there will be fan choreographies, school events, exhibitions, and other community-based actions alongside community events, professional clubs and leagues also getting involved.

The UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League games during the period will all see activities inside stadiums.

Amongst the highlights this year will be events such as a huge multi- national tournament that has already begun outside of Bratislava organised by L’udia proti rasizmu; flash mobs in Bucharest, Romania organised by the Policy Centre; fan choreographies at Aris club in Thessaloniki, Greece; community activities in Sheffield, England by FURD; and, school events in Paris through Licra.

It is never to late to join in and get involved. Campaign materials such as T-shirts, banners, stickers and other resources are all available to be used in your activities. Get active now!

Keep up to date with what is happening in each country by linking to the list of activities 2011.