Football People small grants deadline approaches: Get involved25 August 2016


The Football People small grants scheme provides funding of up to €500 for football related grassroots activities to address discrimination and promote social inclusion through football, celebrate diversity, further the empowerment of women and ethnic minorities and help refugee inclusion.

Interventions must be held during the two-weeks of the campaign, between 06 and 20 October.

Fare Executive Director Piara Powar said: “This funding stream was created to connect communities and bring people together through football; used as a tool of inclusion and of breaking down barriers it helps fund inspiring projects and activities that have an impact in community settings, clubs or among other areas.”

The Football People small grants benefit over 250 grassroots groups across Europe. In 2015, over 100,000 people people were directly involved in events in over 60 countries, making the Football People weeks the biggest social campaign of its kind in European sport.

Over the last three years, additional funding has also been made available to support national and international level events that have the potential to be the highlight of the two week period in October.

On their involvement in the campaign, 2016 event grant recipient EBBE COMMS said: “In the Fare action weeks, EBBE COMMS saw a great chance to organise an event that would help to create a debate on women in football. With the participation of media and good speakers our conference on empowering women through football got more attention than we have ever seen in the Balkans.”

Some examples of how groups used the Football People small grants in the past include:

  • Film screenings and film festival on issues including female empowerment, LGTB rights and participation in sport, racism and immigration
  • Football tournaments for ethnic minority groups, refugees and asylum seekers
  • Conferences, panel discussions and roundtables on anti-discrimination and social inclusion through and in sport
  • Match days dedicated to the Football People weeks
  • Social media campaigns, podcasts and videos
  • Fan tifos and stadium choreographies
  • Workshops
  • Theatre plays and football flash mobs
  • Exhibitions

Read the small grants criteria. Apply here!