Football tournament brings together refugee and Israeli children on Human Rights Day11 December 2017

AfootballtournamentorganisedbytheFarememberNewIsraelFund(NIF)broughttogether refugeeandIsraelichildrentoplayforsocialsocialinclusionandmarktheinternationalHumanRightsDay,inTelAvi,on10December.

30 boys and girls from refugee backgrounds living in south Tel Aviv were invited to play alongside Israeli children as part of the actions of Team for Social Responsibility, a project started by NIF’s campaign Kick it Out Israel to deepen players’ involvement in speaking out against racism and violence.

The event was held at the Apoel Tel Aviv training ground in the presence of the club’s players and members of Team for Social Responsibility, who also coached the teams.

Oshri Eini, an ambassador of the Football People weeks 2017 and member of the Team for Social Responsibility, said: “I’ve been involved in Israel football for many years and this is one of the most exciting events I’ve ever seen, especially as we think of Human Rights Day.

“Football has always been a language that unites everybody. It was important for me to bring along the girls that I coach. It’s important they learn the skills of the game but even more important that they acquire values such as equality and respect for all.

Hapoel spokesman Erez Neeman said : “Football must allow every individual to realise their talent regardless of  who they are and where they were born. Our club has always believed in accepting all people and today’s event has brought us a step closer to a more tolerant and inclusive society.”

The event is a among a series of initiatives that the Fare member yearly runs in cooperation with the Israel Football Association and the Israel Football Players Organization.