Football Tournament to mark International Day against Fascism and Anti-Semitism28 October 2011

November 9th represents a symbolic date in the European calendar. On this day in 1938 the Nazis started a pogrom against the Jews. Next month there will be a series of events taking place across Europe to remember these atrocities and take a stand against prejudice and discrimination.

In Georgia the Youth Association DRONI are using the power of football to take a stand against fascism and anti-Semitism. This comes on the back of last year’s highly successful match to mark the occasion. This year’s football match will be enhanced by a concert, short movies screening, painting exhibition and extreme sports show based around raising awareness of cultural differences.

With youths from Jewish, African, Armenian and Georgian backgrounds participating, the Project Coordinator Ruta Grigaliunaite is keen to emphasize that ‘diversity means for us exchanging our experience and sharing our knowledge’ and hopes that through this event greater intercultural dialogue and respect can be facilitated.
If you want to find out more or take part in the project, please contact: Ruta Grigaliunaite at