Football3 to empower youth in 11 countries10 March 2017


The football3 for respect project will harness the power of the football3 methodology to tackle the challenges of racism, violence, and radicalism faced by youth, many of them migrants and refugees.

In 2015, Europe faced the highest inflow of refugees since World War II, increasing the number of young people with a high level of need, susceptible to disaffection and withdrawal from society.

Football3 for respect seeks to address these challenges focusing on building local capacity, and, in turn, equipping coaches with the skills to counter violence, intolerance, discrimination and radicalisation through their training sessions. The project will develop a training-of-trainers toolkit that will allow coaches in each partner organisation to learn how to implement the football3 method.

The project will directly reach 500 coaches and, through these coaches, 50,000 young sportspeople.

The project is co-fudend by the European Union Erasmus+ programme and coordinated by StreetFootballWorld. Project partners include Albion in the CommunityBalon MondialCAIS, the Fare network, INEX, MSIS, Oltalom Sport AssociationRed Deporte RheinFlanke, Shumenski Universitet, Sport4LifeSport Against Racism and Sport dans la ville.